Trimming & Pruning

A well maintained tree by a certified arborist is beneficial not only to your properties aesthetics but the trees health too. I well-trimmed tree can help to prevent storm damage and beautify the landscape.

Pruning young and mid-sized trees can encourage strong branch growth and less structural defects, while trimming dead and diseased branches can help to reduce the risk of injury to people and structures. Hazards on mature trees can be mitigated through appropriate pruning on trees close to potential targets such as buildings, electrical wires, pedestrian walkways, and rest areas.


CK Tree Care is precision trained to handle the delicate operations of both safe and hazard tree removal while protecting your property and structures. We execute our jobs with trained employees that are experienced, educated in arboriculture work practices, and have a safety first attitude.

All our employees wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. Our safe work practises include tailboard safety meetings, careful job setup, emergency preparedness, rated and maintained equipment.


It is said that “if a tree could talk it would scream help.”

Tree maintenance is often overlooked. Great benefits can come from a well maintained tree by a certified arborist.

CK Tree Care is educated in proper tree maintenance practises, allowing us to bring maximum benefit to your trees.

It is a difference you will see.

Hazard Assessment

Being unsure of a potential hazard is always worrisome. Do not wait for an accident to happen.

Call CK Tree Care to have a certified arborist asses your tree. Our knowledge and experience will help to recommend a solution that will best fit your tree’s needs.


Growing a better tomorrow is our passion. Planting trees will help to have a healthier future. CK Tree Care is about growing. Call us today to discuss your tree planting needs.


Overgrown shrubs and hedges often leave the landscape looking tired, not to mention they can take up a lot of real estate around decks, walkways and pools.

With our experience and a selection of professional equipment we can bring your property back to looking great.

After all, we are outdoor living specialists.

Yard Services

Let’s face it, most of our yards are an ongoing project. Sometimes these projects can be too much to handle by yourself. Aside from our tree services we offer yard clean-up, light demolitions and junk removal. Our compact equipment can access a 36inch gate and give us an advantage when hydraulic muscle is needed.

Our heavy trucks and trailers can hold a lot of waste to get maximum efficiency in every load taken away.

Damage & Restoration

It is typical to see fallen trees and branches after severe storms often resulting in damage to structures and vehicles.

Storm damaged trees are often left in a dangerous state leaving serious potential hazards.

CK Tree Care is equipped and prepared to handle storm related accidents with safety and control.

Mobile Arial Lift

Our compact bucket helps us to save time by working a tree more efficiently in return saving you money.

This machine can fit through spaces only 6ft wide and is as light as a small SUV. We are able to go where most cannot. Our lift can also help you get those clogged eaves troughs and hang your Christmas lights, it even can help get that old retired antenna down from the side of your house.

Brush Chipping

Do you enjoy maintaining your own trees but do not have the time or means to dispose of the brush?

Let us handle the mess with our brush chipping service.


Our natural raw woodchips make great cover under trees and in gardens. If you have a project that requires woodchip mulch give us a call we can deliver them to you for a small fee.

Wood Logs

Do you burn wood? Our wood logs straight from production can be delivered to you for a small fee to cover our cost of transportation.

These logs are great for those who like to cut and split their own wood. Uses include wood stove and furnaces, camp fires, cottage supply and wood projects.